Midwest Flavor Mooves to Philly

A Wisconsin culinary staple, cheese curds are as common and indispensable in the Midwest as the cheesesteak is in Philadelphia. Despite their ranking as one of the world’s most craved regional foods, cheese curds are relatively unknown in places without cheese factories. Until now...

The Cow and the Curd is Philadelphia’s newest roaming sensation. We bring that midwest flavor right to your neighborhood.

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What is a Cheese Curd?

Remember, all cheese was once a curd! Before cheddar is formed into wheels of cheese, it consists of two parts: curds and whey (think cottage cheese). The little irregularly shaped morsels (curds) are separated from the liquid (whey) and continue on through the cheese making process, molded into wheels and aged. However, they are also eaten in this unprocessed, 100% natural state. Or even better, cheese curds are battered and fried.

Featured on the Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate, fried cheese curds have finally debuted in Philadelphia. Determined to make cheese curds a household name on the East Coast, The Cow and the Curd food truck will deliver fresh battered fried cheese curds throughout the streets of Philadelphia.

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Interested in Booking?

Whether it’s a private event, or a large scale festival, The Cow and the Curd will be ready to serve up our deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds for your crowd! Email us at info@thecowandthecurd.com or click here to fill out our contact form.